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We provide the opportunity for all parents to provide feeback to us, all of which forms part of our ongoing assessment and development.  

We will be updating this page to include a selection of the feedback we received

Here are some testimonials we have received recently from parents.

To Alison & The Saplings Team, Thank you for creating a setting underpinned by love and care. The children come first and this is why both Maisie & Tobias settled so well! A great start - developing a love of learning and play - for both of them!

Thanks Again, Katie, Stuart, Maisie & Tobias. (July 18)


To all saff at Saplings

Just want to say thank you for all your hard work and for making sienna's Journey at Saplings fun with some good memories.

From Sienna and Family (July 18)


To all the Saplings Staff

Thank you so much for helping Tyrae to come out of his shell and develop massively. we are bvery grateful and I know he will miss you all.

Love from us all Gina, Kieron & Tyrae (July 18)


To Alison 

"I will miss you and I'm going to school now, Goodbye. Thank you for being my playgroup teacher" Love Carter

Thank you so much for a lovely few years at Saplings for Carter. all your hard work is appreciated. Ed and Sabrina (July 18)


To Alison & Saplings Team

Thank you for having Ruby, she has come out of her shell a lot and thats down to you. You have odne such an amazing job teaching Ruby all different things. Thank you for everything.

From Kirsty and Ruby (July 18)


To Alison, Tracey, Lucy, Andrea, Katie and all of the helpers at Saplings

Thank you so much for looking after Jacob these past couple of years. You have helped him grow into a confident boy who has had the best time at playgroup. Jacob has made some great friends and he will miss you all so much. thank you again for your hard work and excellent care towards Jacob. :D (July 18)


Dear Alison, Lucy, Tracey, Katie & Andrea

A HUGE thank you to all of you for being such wonderful influences in Elisa's life over the last few years. You have done wonders for her confidence and her learning. She has loved her time at playgroup and Forest School has been a huge positive for her - she says she wants to a forest school teacher when she grows up!

All the best Ruth & Doug Wilson (July 18)


Its not always easy

its not always fun

but thank you so much for being the one

who high fives and listens

and ties all his shoes

and gets him to smile, when he's feeling the blues

thank you for patience

and laughing and joy

thank you for looking after

My Little Boy

Harriet (July 18)

To Alison, Thank you for looking after me for the last 2.5 years! I will miss you lots!

Lots of Love 





To Alison

I want to start by thanking you for looking after Harrison for the last two years whilst at playschool. Without question I picked the best playschool.  I can't believe his time at playschool has come to an end and he will soon be onto his next journey.  I just wish we could take you with us.  Can you also thank Megan for me as I know he loved her. Everything I and Harrison have been through regarding his eyes has made us so, so close and I feel you did the most wonderful job in my absence. I ave tears as I write this as its from my heart. You have done wonders for his confidence and everytime he is on stage, making people laugh, talking away I am in awe of him. Nothing holds hime back. He is everything I wasn't as a child. I just love him so much.


I'd never be able to thank you enough!

Lots of love 

Alex (Harrisons Mum) (July 16)


To Jackie, Alison , Lucy, & Tracey

Thank you for all your support in helping Owen to settle, make friends and be confident in learning new things. He wouldn't be the person he is today without your input. You all are truly amazing and will be missed lots.

Kelly, Peter, Owen & Billy (July 17)


Alison, Thank you for being a brilliant teacher

love Alfie (July 17)


To Alison

firstly thank you for just being you; easy to approach, easy to talk to, with always a smile. From Kai starting in September and only being with you for a year I was worried at first with him being

the youngest, youngest!! Not anymore, you have worked your magic again and he is so ready for school. He loves, loves, loves coming to play school. His confidence has boomed.

Secondly, thank you for still being a listening ear when I have spoken to you about 

Harrison. It really shows how much you care.

and thirdly.....

i'm to miss you!! Until Ashleigh starts in 3 years time.

take care, all my love

Alex, Jamie, Harrison and Kai xxxx (July 17)


To All the Staff at Saplings

Thank you for all you have done to help Charley learn and grow whilst at Saplings. She really has loved every session and myself and her dad really appreciate all that your have done. Charley is going to miss you all so much. You are all lovely, caring mums which is why I think Saplings thrives as a seti g, I'm looking forward to Dylan starting with you.

Thank to so much.

love from Alison, Steve, Dylan & Charley xxxx






Stay & Play Feedback:

Please write what you thought we did well:

Everything was 'natural', as it is day-to-day. Procedures and routines worked well and it was clear that the adults had fantastic rapour with all the children. Lots of positive reinforcements used.

It was lovely to have the opportunity to play with my child in the setting and to see her interact with the adults and her peers.

Please write what we could do to improve these sessions:

Maybe you could put out some ideas for play next to each area for those parents who aren't 'natural players', this may encourage them to engage more at the session and give them ideas at home.  

Get the chatter bags out and let them explore those.

The opportunity for parents to see other parts of the session would give us a better insight into the structure of the session. e.g. 11 am-12noon  or 2-3 pm.



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