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Key Worker

Your child's Key worker will work closely with your child and you to ensure that your child settles quickly, feels safe, enjoys their time with us and makes good progress. They will observe and talk with your child as they play and learn, collecting photographs, observations and examples of their work. 

Your involvement is essential and we will keep you informed regularly regarding your child's progress and ask you to provide us with information about your child's interests, development and experience at home. Your key worker is her to listen and help. We ask that you share any comments or concerns. 

Parents Partnerships

At The Saplings we believe that parents and staff need to work together in a close partnership in order for children to receive the quality fo care and early learning to meet their individual needs. 

we welcome parents as partners and support a two-way sharing of informaion that helps establish trust and understanding. we are committed to supporting parents in an open and sensitive manner to include them as an integral part of the care and early learning team within the setting.


We recognise parents are the first educators of their children and encourage parents and carers to talk to us openly. We are very keen to obtain and learn views of parents and gather thes via a number of means including face to face discussions, questionnaires, suggestion boxes and via Tapestry.

Your child's Learning Journal

All observations and photographs are uploaded onto your child's learning journal on Tapestry. Over time helps us all to celebrate thier achievements and progress, helping us to plan activities to extend their progress whilst at The Saplings.  The key worker gets to know your child really well, helping us to understand thier talents and interest, finding the things that they may find challenging both supporting their learning and development. 

Assessing your child's progress

We regularly review your child's progress and invite you to come in and share their reviews. At the reviews we will discuss their progress, your child may progress faster or slower in some areas, this is a normal part of your child's unique developmental journey. If we have concerns we will carry out further observations and discuss with you how to best support your child.


We offer 2 parent evenings a year to review your child's progress and we ask you to contribute to their learning journals so we can include learning they are doing at home.

Sharing information 

With your permission we will share your child's progress reports with your child's feeder school before they leave us for shcool. If your child attends 2 setting (nursery or childminder) we would like to share the informaiton with that setting also and hope that they will share with us, enabling us all to support your child's progress. 


Transitioning school reception teachers are invited into The Saplings to visit the children in their setting and to talsk to staff about thier development to date.


Tapestry is a secure online learning journey where you can see what your child has been doing on a daily basis. You can add to their learning journey supporting your child's achievements at home. 



01455 442678 (Outside Session Times)

0770 9950973 ( During Session Times)


Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 3pm

Wedesday & Friday 9am - 12. noon


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