The Saplings Playgroup
The Saplings Playgroup

Forest School;

Forest school is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland or within our outdoor environment. 


The Saplings aims to provide holistic, learner led forest school sessions for all of our pre-school children. Learning through plan is fundamental to our sessions, ensuring that the children have ample opportunity to explore and play freely. Our sessions offer children challenges and opportunitie sot achieve, where the activities and resources enable them to learn new skills and develop confidence and self-esteem through hand on learning experiences. The learning experiences are loosely structured in order to accomodat the interests and curiosity of each child.


A large amount of our children prefer to be outdoors and therefore creating their own learning environment framed by safety routines and established boundaries. Childre experinect active learning, in a less structured manner which suits the individual learning styles of many children.


The sessions are relaxed and the activities provided ar available for any child who may choose to take part.  Some children just want the freedom and choose to run, climb and explore the envrionment, this is equally as good as the children learn best when they are following their interests and doing things at their own pace.


01455 442678 (Outside Session Times)

0770 9950973 ( During Session Times)


Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 3pm

Wedesday & Friday 9am - 12. noon


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The Saplings Playgroup

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