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Arrivals:  A member of our team will open the door where children and parents are greeted, welcomed to our provision. Please take your child down the corridor, collecting their bag and enter the main room. Parents are required to remove coats and change footwear into indoor pumps, then place their coats and bags onto their named pegs.


Accidents:  If your child has an accident during their session then you will be asked to sign an accident form.










Bags: Please ensue that your bag contains all nappy changing resources, including wipes and disposable bags. ENSURE CHILDREN ARRIVE IN CLEAN AND DRY NAPPIES. ALL CHILDREN NEED INDOOR SHOES, SPARE CLOTHES EVERYDAY. Your bag can be left at the setting or taken home.


Building a Partnership: Parent meeting, stay and play, workshops will be organised so that you are involved in your child's care, learning and development. Building a partnership with parents and carers is a high priority within our setting.






Chatter Bags:  We have a range of activity bags for you take home and share some play experiences with your child.  Please speak to a member of staff to take one home.


Clothing:  Please ensure you send your child in appropriate clothing for the weather, (i.e. No flip-flops, crocs, unsafe saddles when hot. If coming in wellingtons please ensure they have another pair of outdoor shoes to play in.) ENSURE ALL HATS/GLOVES/COATS/SUNHATS are labelled and placed into their bags, these will be assessed during the session.







Departures:  A member of staff will open the gate, allowing you access. Please wait under the canopy, please ensure you do not allow smaller children to play/wait by the door as this will be opened by a member of staff, when this member of staff sees you she will let your child out.


Dogs:  Do NOT bring them into the Playgroup's Garden/Grounds.  We ask that you stand behind the walled area with your dogs where you will be seen and also avoid blocking the ramped area where pushchairs and children need access.








Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is how the government and early year's professionals describe the time in your child's life between birth to the age of 5.  This is a very important stage as it helps your child get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. Your child's early years experiences should be happy, active, exciting, fun and safe, which supports their development, care and individual needs.  We follow the EYFS framework supporting us to help your child.


Emergencies:  WE MUST BE ABLE TO CONTACT YOU AT ALL TIMES WHILST YOUR CHILD IS AT PLAYGROUP.  Please ensure that we have up to date contact numbers and mobiles are always switched on and answered.


Early Years Pupil Premium: please ask a member of staff for a form, you may be entitled to some additional funding.









Fees:  Fees can be paid by a BANK TRANSFER for monthly, half termly, termly payments. If you are paying by CASH please ensure ALL fees for a week are paid at the beginning of your child's first session.  THIS ALSO APPLIES TO FUNDED CHILDREN WHO ARE ACCESSING EXTRA PAYABLE HOURS. Please ensure that you are prepared for this at the beginning of the each week.


Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE):  Your child will be eligible for funding from the Education Authority the term after they become 3 years of age.  Funding details are displayed on our notice board in the corridor. Funded places are subject to availability.





Good Behaviour:   We encourage and promote good behaviour at all times and any behavioural issues will be addressed as soon as they arise. We will require parents to work with us when dealing with any unacceptable behaviour.





Head lice:  Please note that when head lice is seen or reported within the setting, parents will be notified and a sign will be put up on the main doors, windows so ALL parents can check their child's hair in order to try and contain it.  If you have been told that your child has head lice, please ensure their hair has been treated BEFORE they return.







Incidents:  Please inform staff on arrival if you in ink we need to know anything about your child, i.e. Your child is tired, have any bruises or marks so that a note can be made and all staff can be made aware.


Information from you:  We welcome information from you about your child as you know your child best.  Please complete our All about me information to keep us informed as to their; likes/dislikes, things that they do when they are not here.




Join us and support us when we provide stay and play sessions, fun workshops, raising money for varies activities throughout the year.





Key person:  Each family and child will have a member of staff allocated to them as a key person.  This person will be your first point of contact should you have a query or information to share.  You may of course approach any member of staff, who will be happy to help.  Your child's key person will keep an overview of them during their time at playgroup and makes observations, monitors and helps in the planning of the child's individual learning and ongoing development.









Late collections: Parents will need to sign the late collections book if they pick up their child late from a session. Late collections will be CHARGED; within 10 minutes will be charged £3.00. Late collections over 15 minutes will also incur an additional charge of £1 per 15 minutes. If you know you are going to be late, as a one off, please call in advance to advise. If you have not contacted us with 30 minutes then we apply procedures from our late collection policy and inform the Local Authorities.


Learning Journeys are emailed electronically on half termly basis, a member of staff you advise you when it has been sent.  Please ensure you email us; to ensure we have an acceptable email address.  When you receive your learning journey we just ask that your respond by return email adding your views/comments.


Lunch boxes: ALL children attending full days or any afternoon sessions will require a packed lunch in a named lunch box.  If parents require any foods to be kept chilled, please ensure these items are placed in a separate food bag, labelled with your child's name and inform a member of staff so we can put it in the fridge.  Please provide their normal everyday lunch consisting of 1 items from the following; SAVOURY/DAIRY/FRUIT/SWEET plus a drink. ALL children are encouraged to eat Savoury before Sweet.









Medication:  We do not administer medication apart for Inhalers for Asthma.  You will need to sign a consent form to allow us to administer an inhaler and it MUST be prescribed for your child.


Marvellous Monkey:  Marking your child's Achievements; Please take a template banana to write something down which you are proud of your child doing/achieving then give to your child's key person who will ask your child the monkey it would like to feed.


Notices:  Please be aware of the notices and information displayed around the playgroup environment.  They contain useful information at various times throughout the playgroup year. Also please refer to our website:














Opening times:


Morning session                                                        Afternoon Session


9 am - 12 noon                                                          12 noon - 3 pm


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our full days; 9 am - 3 pm

Friday 9 am - 12 noon


Outdoor Learning Environment:  We are privileged to have a large outdoor area where the children can decide whether to play indoors or outdoors on a daily basis.  We have a canopy allowing us access during the winter months. So please read C and ensure your child has appropriate clothing.




Policies and Procedures:  A copy of these are available to read at all times.


Pushchairs:  Due to limit space inside please could all pushchairs be left outside, a member of staff is their at all times.


























Qualified Practitioners equals better outcomes for your child: 


Alison Duerden - Playgroup Manager     BA in Early Childhood    

                                                                       Studies and

                                                                Early Years Teacher.


Lucy Gee - Deputy Playgroup Leader      BA Honours in Education



Jo-Ann Nutting - Deputy Playgroup        NVQ Level 3

                           Leader                                 in Childcare and



Maria King - Playgroup Practitioner        NVQ level 3

                                                                        In Childcare and                                                                             Safeguarding Officer


Zita Green - Playgroup Practitioner         NVQ level 3

                                                                         in Childcare


Tracey Purnell - Trainee Playgroup        NVQ Level 2

                           Assistant                               in Childcare




Registration Forms:  Please ask any member of staff for a registration form.












Special Educational Needs (SEN):  If you feel that your child may require any additional support in order for them to progress with their learning and development then please talk to us.  The setting Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) is Jo-Ann and is qualified to help with any support required.  If our observations highlight that support may be needed to support your child then we will approach you.


Sun Cream:  During the hot spells please ensure that Sun cream is applied to your child prior to arrival.  If your child is attending a full day, please supply Sun Cream, labelled with their child's name and placed in their bag where we will apply it at lunch times.


Stay and Play:  All parents will be invited to our Stay and Play Sessions where there will be an opportunity to; see your child playing with their friends, play alongside them, speak to your child's key person, look through their learning journey.
















Term Dates:                   Start                               End


Autumn 2015                  Tuesday 1 September     Friday 16 October

                              Monday 26 October         Thursday 17 December


Spring 2016        Tuesday 5 January          Friday 12 February

                              Monday 22 February        Thursday 24 March


Summer 2016     Monday 11 April               Friday 27 May

                                    CLOSED Monday 2 May

                               Monday 6 June                Friday 8 July


Telephone Number: 07709950973


Phone available during playgroup opening hours (please use the voicemail if not answered, we may be busy)

Time Keeping: please remember that the times we are open and close are on the same basis as schools and NOT nursery. We expect children to arrive at the start time and be collected at the end time of a session.  Please RESPECT these times so staff are not waiting to answer the door for late arrivals or have to stay late for late collections.




Uniform: This is not compulsory although you can order t'shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, please ask a member of staff for an order form.






value the important role you play in your child's learning and development.  Literature is available within the setting are there are various websites to access.








Why not try accessing these to start with:  In the event of severe weather, closures will be notified on OAK FM (107 & 107.9), our Facebook page and our Website.


Website:, keep informed by regularly checking our website.



X Toys: Please can you help us by ensuring that toys from home do not come into playgroup.  This ensures that they do not get lost, broken one forgotten.




You are important in your child's education.  Please build a partnership with us.




Zig Zags:  please ensure that all parking regulations are adhered to at all times, including zig zags, bus stops.


Floppsey Dog:

Is our communication puppy.  If you talk to your child about her, they will hopefully tell you about her experiences that she has gained from going home, on holiday, and trips with the children.  These experiences are shared through her very own learning journey which the children love to share with their key person groups and with the whole group which encourages communicating to others and gaining experiences of speaking in whole group situations, which supports building on their confidence.  If you haven’t taken Floppsey home please complete her diary, we just ask that you take photographs which are then entered into her Learning Story.


If you would like a place for your child at our centre, please make an appointment and we'll gladly take the time to explain everything you need to know. You can make an appointment by phone or you can complete the Admissions to join form below.



Application to join.doc
Microsoft Word document [47.0 KB]

What happens if my child is ill?

It is our policy at The Saplings to encourage and promote good health and hygiene for children in our care.


Specifically includes monitoring the children for signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, hepatitis, impetigo, conjuctivitis, diarrhoea, vomiting and fevers of 101/38 or over.


With the welfare of the sick child in mind and in the interests of the remaining children, if in the opinion of the staff a child is ill, then the parent/carer will be contacted and requested to collect him/her as soon as possible.


It is the Policy of The Saplings that any child who has contracted any communicable disease must have been clear of that disease for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the child being considered for re-admission to playgroup; in the cases of sicness and diarrhoea the child must have had normal stools for that 48 hour period. 

This term information

Dates for your Diaries:

Week commencing 16/11/15 we are looking at our environment and will be going out for a walk around the village.  Please advise the team if you are able to support and help, for this to happen we need a lot of parent helper.

Week commencing 23/11/15 Road Safety week, hopefully one of our crossing patrols will be coming in to talk to the children.  

Week commencing 30/11/15 Pleople who help us week, we are looking for volunteers to come in and talk to the children about their jobs for example: nurses, doctors, dentists, if anyone knows of someone who could come in please speak to a staff member.


Stay and Play:

Monday 5th October

Tuesday 17th November

Wednesday 20th January

Thursday 3rd March

Friday 22nd April

Tuesday 10th March


Please sign up and come and share your child's experience.


SUMMER TERM: playgroup Finishes on FRIDAY 8th JULY 2016


Weather Update

Winter/Spring: In anticipation for the cold weather getting warmer, could we remind you to dress your children appropriately; coats, long sleeved jackets and remember as the sun can be out the wind can still be very chilling so continue to dress your child with layers that can be removed if they become too hot. 


Watch the weather forecast and dress your child appropriately it is easier to take layers off.



Many thanks

The Saplings Team


01455 442678 (Outside Session Times)

0770 9950973 ( During Session Times)


Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 3pm

Wedesday & Friday 9am - 12. noon


Please also use our contact form.


The Saplings Playgroup

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