The Saplings Playgroup
The Saplings Playgroup

Our Rules;

  • We always use kind hands
  • We always use kind workds
  • We always listen to each other
  • We all do good sharing
  • We have kind thoughts towards each other
  • We respect each other and demonstrate respect
  • We recognise that everyone makes mistakes and when they happen we do not assign blame
  • We encourage everyone to respect each other's personal space
  • We promote healthy eating
  • We have clear boundaries to ensure good behaviour
  • If inappropriate behaviour happens we say STOP and redirect the children using appropriate language or if necessary we use time out strategy
  • We appreciate each other's similarities and differences
  • We develop a strong sens of belonging to our setting.


01455 442678 (Outside Session Times)

0770 9950973 ( During Session Times)


Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 3pm

Wedesday & Friday 9am - 12. noon


Please also use our contact form.


The Saplings Playgroup

Barwell Methodist Church Hall
Chapel Street

Barwell LE9 8DE 


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